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The More You Know....
My Mess is My Message II

Inspiring stories of 22 incredible women who found purpose and prosperity through adversity.

You have the Power within you to rise above and beyond any adversity and thrive in life, no matter how impossible it might seem.

This remarkable book is a treasure of self-healing from disease, traumatic relationships, trauma, death, betrayal, self-contempt, abuse, and more. These true life stories are demonstrations of personal transformation, resilience, and spiritual awakening. You will travel the journey of every author, and discover and appreciate your own self-love, courage, and wisdom already within you.

You will realize that you are not a victim, you have more resilience than you think, and you have a Higher Power that supports you.

Coming June 2024

Soul of a Diamond

Heart-Centered Women Sharing Stories of Resilience and Joy

Coming soon!!

I'm So Glad You Left Me

111 Stories of Courage, Self-Love and Personal Growth

Have you triumphed over the end of a significant relationship, whether it's through divorce, death, or another life-altering event? Your journey and growth matter!

It doesn't matter who left whom; what matters is your passion to empower others facing similar experiences. If you're ready to inspire women with your message of courage, resilience, and peace, I applaud you.

"I'm So Glad You Left Me" will feature 111 stories, including yours. Your narrative can be a beacon of strength for someone waiting to hear your empowering words.

Join me and so many others in creating a book that exemplifies courage, resilience, self-love, personal growth, and inner power—showcasing real-life examples for women worldwide. 📖💪

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 More Coming Soon!!
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