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Welcome to Clear Healings, where transformation and growth intersect. I'm Robyn Eyre-Long, the founder and heart behind Clear Healings located in the sacred space of Selene - Healing Studios. My personal journey of healing was ignited in the wake of my own divorce back in 2010. This pivotal moment in my life became the catalyst for a profound exploration of self-discovery and healing.

Guided by my innate empathic and mediumship abilities, I embarked on a path that led me to the realm of Reiki, ultimately becoming a Reiki Master in 2016. However, my journey didn't stop there. Fueled by a relentless pursuit of healing and growth, I continued to embrace the teachings of wise mentors and compassionate healers, continually evolving and enriching my own healing journey learning multiple healing modalities along the way.

Today, I stand as a conduit of healing and transformation, humbled by the wisdom I've gained and the strength I've cultivated. Through Clear Healings my mission is to extend the same healing energies and insights that have empowered me, offering a guiding light to those ready to embark on their own path of healing.

At our studio, we create a space where past wounds are acknowledged, embraced, and gently set free. Our holistic approach empowers you to learn from your history, untangle the threads of your past, and forge a future unburdened by the weight of yesterday. With empathy, skill, and a touch of the mystical, we provide a safe haven for you to reconnect with your authentic self and step into the limitless possibilities of your future.

I look forward to the privilege of accompanying you on your healing journey, as together we navigate the labyrinth of your past and sculpt a radiant future of true liberation and lasting joy.


Reiki Master
Master Hypnotist
Empathic Medium
Intuitive Energy Medicine
Quantum Body Processing (QBP)
Harmonic Light Therapy
Crystal Healing
Mayan Light Language
Life Celebrant

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