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Facilitators of Mind, Body and Soul Healing


  As the Owner of Clear Healings and Selene-Healing Studio, I have many years of experience and certified in multiple healing modalities to assist you on your healing journey.

I am a Transformation and Empowerment Mentor who assists you in truly Leaving the Past Behind and Being Present with the Present.

My methods empower you to acknowledge and process emotions, recognize and address limiting belief patterns, release past attachments, and discover the profound healing that comes through forgiveness.

Are you ready to clear out old patterns that no longer serve you and those you love - let's chat!!

I look forward to hearing from you very soon!!


Owner and founder of Elevate Your Mind Hypnosis & Cici’s Crafty Creations. Stacie is a Certified Professional Hypnotist, Certified Hypnosis Instructor & Transformation Coach. I feel that everyone deserves the chance to live a happy and healthy life enjoying the things they love to do without restrictions. Each Session is intuitively and uniquely tailored to the client’s specific goals as she leads them on a journey of self-discovery, releasing trauma, blocks and guiding you through the transformation and healing process.

Stacie also offers Creative Healing Workshops every third Saturday of each month. The workshops allow you to learn and explore a new creative modality to clear your mind, gain confidence and to allow your inner child out to play. Taking a break and disconnecting from the demands and stress of daily life is indeed important for our health and well-being.


Hey there, I'm Lynda—a mindfulness and spiritual mentor, just living life with enthusiasm! Whether I'm in my Special Education teacher role or managing Optimystical Wellness, every moment is fulfilling. Making a positive impact through education, mentoring, and real connections is what I'm all about.

With a background in special education, being a mom of three, and overcoming health challenges, I blend mindfulness, holistic approaches, and lunar wisdom to tailor journeys just for you. My mission? Empowerment. I'm here to shed light on new perspectives for inner peace and guide you to discover the magic within yourself.

In my work, I meet families where they are, providing intuitive support for creating magical new beginnings. From group workshops to one-on-one sessions for parents and children, let's tackle life's challenges and explore the transformative power of mindfulness and spiritual practices. Join me on a journey where each step is a heartfelt mission to inspire and positively impact every life I touch. 

I look forward to connecting with you soon!


Tina is the owner/found of Phillips Retreat. Her psychic/mediumship abilities started at the age of 7 with out of body experiences.  At the age of 13, she received the gift of vision.  After suffering a stroke at 35, her gifts became stronger.  Tina uses intuition, pendulums, runes, Oracles decks, tarot decks, and sacred geometry dice to tap into the spiritual world to provide her clients with readings and healing.  No matter what tools she uses, tuning forks, crystals, essential oils, etc., she is able to provide accurate and on point readings.  Being a Reiki practitioner and holistic/medical healer as well, Tina uses her psychic abilities to perform healing, self-care coaching and yoga.  Being certified in yoga, reiki and the medical field, Tina will be able to assist you in all of your self-care needs.


Owner of Soul Sanctuary, Sharen illuminates your Life Purpose and connects with beings from the realm of light to help remove trapped emotions, limiting beliefs and other blockages/imbalances along with balancing physical/emotional/mental bodies in order to align you with your soul’s purpose and manifest your dreams.  Sharen has 14 years of experience guiding clients a Master Healer, Clairvoyant/Medium and Spiritual Soul Coach.  She uses Emotion Code, Theta Healing, BodyTalk, Touch for Health, Past Life Regression Therapy, Ashaitsu Massage, Craniosacral Therapy, Positional Release and many other modalities to customize each session.  Sharen is a Licensed Massage Therapist and has a Bs of Psychology from Brigham Young University.


Cassie has been an intuitive her entire life. Her ability to receive premonitions, feelings, & phrases on behalf of herself & others is a gift she continues to fine tune. She studied in vibrational sound healing & is licensed at a state level to act as an emotional & physical practitioner using frequency to heal, align, & spiritually elevate others. She is also certified in the ancient form of Japanese healing known as Usui Reiki. She uses her knowledge & skills of sound healing, as she is a vessel of love & light through Reiki energy/soul work, & couples it with her divine intuitive gifts to offer sacred experiences in group and 1:1 setting. Many also work with Cassie as a Licensed Master Life Coach, as she mentors them acting as their loving, spiritual guide.

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As a Divine and loving woman, I am dedicated to helping others find healing and hope. Through my open heart and my toolbox of techniques, including Reiki, sound, oils, crystals, and herbs, I offer a unique and holistic approach to wellness. With a passion for learning and growing, I continue to expand my knowledge and skills, ensuring that I can provide the best possible support to those who are seeking healing and transformation.

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 Psychic Intuitive Master of Sound & Energy!

Stephaanie is a Mentor for those who are Awakening into Their Authentic Self. She guides you through the realms of pain and suffering into an enlightened state of Loving & Accepting the full Divine Essence of YOUR Light!

She is the creator of Light Alchemy, a Reiki Master personifying Love and Truth. Has 22 years of growth and wisdom in the realm of Energy Medicine, Intuition, Alchemy and Manifestation! Stephaanie Specializes in full body Meditative Light & Sound Languages, Powerful Reiki Sessions, Supportive Reiki Level Trainings & Programs that Master Your Energetic Frequency and bring Light Codes to your Energetic Field.

Her alchemical journey presented her with the knowledge and profound self-realization that “We are All the Essence of the Light” and there is a path and purpose of consciousness for each one of us that opens our hearts to the expansive Possibilities that exist within us!

Where Do You Feel You Are… In Your Journey Right Now? 

Allow Stephaanie & Light Alchemy to hold you in your Highest Integrity as you alchemize and transmute into Your Extraordinary Light & Wholeness…

Call or text to arrange a Discovery Session and Open Your Heart to All the Possibilities!


Owner of The Beauty of Perspective 

Hollie has 15 years experience as an Integrated Healing Arts Practitioner and assists to release unconscious sabotage patterns, past traumas & teaches how to utilize ancient sound therapy.  She practices energy healing, crystal therapy & makes shamanic healing drums.


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