What is Hyposis?
Hypnosis represents an elevated state of receptiveness, akin to a focused and relaxed state. By momentarily sidestepping the conscious mind, hypnosis empowers you to enact behavioral shifts on a deeper scale than conscious efforts alone. In essence, hypnosis enhances the connection between your conscious intentions (such as weight loss goals) and the potent realm of your unconscious mind, where authentic transformative potential resides.

How Does Hypnosis Compare to 
Other Forms of Therapy?
Hypnosis stands as a recognized and valuable tool for addressing specific conditions. This therapeutic technique has demonstrated its efficacy in treating a range of issues, including pain management, addictions, and emotional challenges. Moreover, it has a track record of success in aiding weight loss, addressing skin concerns, and tackling a host of physical, mental, and emotional afflictions.

True or False

True - Hypnosis is safe and natural; the American Medical Association has endorsed it since 1958.

True - Anyone of at least average intelligence, who is willing to follow instructions, can be hypnotized.  Also, it’s been proven that the more intelligent you are, the easier it is to be hypnotized naturally. 

True - It doesn't take long to do the hypnosis session, so the session may seem rather brief. However, Hypnosis is something that we do together, and you will hear everything I say.

False - Some people have misconceptions based on stage shows or past experiences with hypnosis. So, let me tell you what hypnosis is. First, off, you will not feel hypnotized. So, don't expect to feel hypnotized or some weird zoned out of body experience. 

False - It is not sleeping, so don't fall asleep or you would miss out on the whole thing, and that would be an expensive nap! It's simply a choice you make to stay awake during the session and focus on the meaning of what I'm saying. 

False - In Hypnosis, I can't tell you, for example, to go rob the banks  and bring me back all the money! Just because you're not going to do anything that goes against any of your morals, ethics or values.

True - Hypnosis is that natural state your body goes through every day of your life. That state between awake and asleep, and since you go through that every day, it's a very natural feeling that you are very used to.  For example, you get in the car to head to work and BAM you are there, but you don’t’ remember driving. Highway Hypnosis – your conscious mind starts thinking one thing, while your subconscious mind gets you to work safely.